Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Absolu 21
Innosteam Absolu 21

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CHF 1’750.00

VAT Included

The Absolu 21 ironing system ensures fast, easy and safe ironing. An innovative product developed in Switzerland by Innosteam engineers.

1. It is ready for use in less than one minute
2. It irons all fabrics without the need for adjustm
3. Its constant temperature (100°) is gentle on fabrics and avoids burns

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Product Description

The Absolu 21 product was developed in Switzerland by Innosteam engineers.

Facilitates and shortens ironing time

Thanks to its numerous innovations and patents, this system finally makes ironing easy, fast and accessible to all. The Absolu 21 system guarantees:

  • A heating time of less than one minute
  • Extra fine steam is produced on the iron
  • A constant heating soleplate of 100°.
  • Easy ironing without adjustments

Gentle on your clothes and truly comfortable to use

With Absolu 21, your laundry is immaculate and wears out less quickly thanks to the combination of fine steam and constant low temperature soleplate. What's more, the height of the board is adjustable, so you can set it to any size even when you're sitting down.

Protects your hands and your children

Thanks to the innovative and patented soleplate, the iron no longer burns fabrics. The iron's automatic shut-off also prevents major risks.

Saves money and is environmentally friendly

The appliance saves your energy and has a long service life. After use, its vacuum system prevents standing water and limits the formation of limescale. Our appliances are manufactured in the European Union and come with a two-year warranty (extendable for an additional six months upon registration).
The Innosteam guarantee for a durable, respectful and 85% recyclable product!


Included accessories

  • a board cover
  • a clothes hanger holder
  • a hole cleaner
  • a water tank
  • a cable guide

The technical details

Steam flow rate 30gr/min
High pressure of the steam 3 – 5,5 bar
Automatic steam distribution no
Unlimited autonomy yes
Power 2’200 watt
Heating time less than one minute
Vertical ironing yes
Automatic switch-off yes
Variable steam no
Constant pressure yes
Dry ironing function no
Descaling system automatic suction during descaling stop/span>
generated according to use
Safe tidy up yes
Rollers yes
Adjustable height 65 ->120cm
Water tank 0.8 litre
Removable tank yes
Ironing soleplate IdealTemp – composite material of PPS and glass fibres
Self-cleaning soleplate easy to clean by hand
Cable guideance yes
Power supply 220-240VAC / 50Hz
Weight of the iron 950gr
Total weight incl. iron 19kg
Automatic rewinder yes