Your INNOSTEAM Absolu 21 is programmed for use with demineralised water to ensure a longer life, safeguard the warranty and avoid possible stains on your clothes.

Thanks to a vacuum after use, standing water is avoided. This process prolongs the life of the appliance.

choix de l'eau

For your safety and to save energy, the Absolu 21 switches itself off after 4 minutes of inactivity.

In the spirit of simplicity and efficiency, the appliance is particularly easy to set up. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Absolu 21

    ouverture de la planche
  2. Place your foot on the base of the system, adjust it to the desired height

    régler la hauteur de la planche

  3. Insert the wire guide

    guide fil
  4. Fill the water tank with demineralised* water

    point 4
    *Your device is programmed for use with demineralised water to ensure a longer life and avoid possible stains on your clothes.
  5. Plug in the power supply

    point 5

  6. Take the iron out of its case

    point 6

  7. Press the on/off button (wait less than a minute.)

    point 7


Your device is ready for use!

Quick and easy storage

  1. Press the on/off button for 2 sec.
  2. Empty the water tray
  3. Store the iron in its case
  4. Hold the table with one hand and with the other hand pull the handle outwards, lift the table slightly and lower it to the floor, keeping the handle pulled outwards


The Absolu 21 blows or sucks the laundry thanks to its fan. Switching is easy thanks to the single button on the handle of the iron. Just press the button and the iron switches from one mode to the other.

planche soufflante et aspirante

f you are ironing a light fabric, the blow-up mode of your ironing system is recommended. If you are ironing sheets or jeans, the vacuum mode is recommended.

The IdealTempStamp Innosteam soleplate keeps the temperature constant at 100°, which is gentle on clothes and creative accessories (especially synthetic prints) and prevents burns. This innovation is protected by a registered patent, recognisable by the logo opposite.

The Absolu 21 is designed for easy, fast and perfect ironing of all garments without temperature adjustment. Ideal for all textiles, even the most delicate ones.Example: silk, linen, synthetic velvet, Alcantara® (synthetic suede), elastic sportswear "stretch", microfibre fabrics, wool, cotton, etc....

No adjustment of the iron is required and no other accessories are needed.

The IdealTempStamp Innosteam soleplate ensures perfect glide and makes ironing easier. You no longer need to sort your laundry before ironing, which saves you a lot of time.

repassage de tissu


Open :

Pull the water tank safety trigger upwards and then lift the water tank cover.



Removing the tank :

Remove the tank using the handle provided.

retrait du réservoir


Fill :

It is essential to use demineralised water to fill the water tank to ensure proper use.



Re-insert :

Lower the trigger of the tank opening. Replace the tank and reattach the tank cap to ensure an optimal seal. To do this, simply press along the opening from the corners towards the center.

remise en place

Switch off the device before cleaning! Switch off the unit and disconnect the mains plug! Allow the unit to cool down.

Always clean the appliance when it is cold, if possible before use.

Do not use any descaling agents or chemicals other than those recommended by INNOSTEAM.

If the soleplate of the iron is dirty, use a soft synthetic sponge that does not contain iron.

Use the hole cleaner to remedy the situation.

débouche trou

Your INNOSTEAM Absolu 21 is programmed for exclusive use with demineralised water and therefore no descaling is required.

However, if you have not respected this, you can generate a descaling manually. To do this, please consult the following bullet point «Can I trigger a descaling manually».

Yes, you can. This is how it is done :

  1. Descale your Absolu 21 only when your machine is cold
  2. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds and wait until the LED lights up yellow (if the water tray is not positioned correctly, the descaling process will not be started)
  3. Dilute 350 ml of water with the contents (125 ml) of the INNOSTEAM descaler bottle (use only INNOSTEAM descaler) and pour it into the water tank of your machine
  4. Place the black drip tray in the storage box
  5. Place the iron in the drip tray
  6. Press the on/off button (the descaling cycle takes 5 minutes)
  7. The LED lights up blue. Rinse the water tank and fill it with water
  8. Press the on/off button
  9. The blue LED flashes during the rinsing cycle (cycle duration is approx. 3 minutes)
  10. The orange LED lamp flashes during drying
  11. The LED lamp lights up orange, the complete descaling cycle is completed
  12. Press the On/Off button, fill your water tank with water and your INNOSTEAM Absolu 21 is ready for use again
  13. The LED lights up white again


The LED on your appliance informs you about the status of your appliance :

White the appliance is in operation
Red indicates an error
Yellow reports an error during connection or waits for the descaling agent
Blue water tank empty
Orange End of descaling
Green descaling cycle is required
Pink fan failure
Purple/pink (light purple) water tank empty and fan not working
Blue/green (turquoise) rinse cycle



The Absolu 21 is made from carefully selected materials and INNOSTEAM can guarantee that 85% of the components can be returned to the cycle if treated in accordance with the applicable standards.

INNOSTEAM's research and development department pays great attention to durability. It carefully examines the components and innovations in order to use recycled materials, provided this does not lead to a loss of quality.

LThe Absolu 21 steam generator is 85% recyclable. Below you will find the details of the individual components

graphic durabilité de la planche à repasser

The soleplate of the IdealTempStamp Innosteam iron has been specially designed and patented by INNOSTEAM to ensure minimal risk of burns. Thanks to this innovation, the ironing sole of the Absolu 21 is hot, but you won't get burnt.

la semelle

Hang the garment on a hanger or simply hold it in your hand. Stroke the fabric with small up and down movements, giving small bursts of steam.

Note: Almost all fabrics are easy to steam except cotton, linen and some silks. If a fabric is difficult to iron, place it on the ironing board and use the iron horizontally as usual.

The clothes hanger attachment allows you to conveniently hang up your ironed garments.

le défroissage