Warranty conditions

Your steam ironing system is guaranteed for two years.


Coverage of the protection

This guarantee only applies to products manufactured by or on behalf of INNOSTEAM and which can be identified by the brand name and the serial number affixed to them. This guarantee only applies if the device becomes unusable or its usability is significantly impaired due to a manufacturing, assembly or material defect and this defect was already present when the device was handed over to the user.

You can benefit from an additional 6-month warranty if you register your device in the INNOSTEAM online portal. Simply fill in all the fields, including the serial number of your appliance, which is located on the underside of the iron box, e.g.: A 00001 B01 01-21.

The guarantee is not valid in the following cases:

  • If the problem when using the appliance is due to professional use of the appliance (not domestic use)
  • Normal wear and tear of the components and accessories
  • An external intervention or by a repair workshop not approved by INNOSTEAM
  • Failure to observe the instructions for use, in particular the warnings for starting up, using and maintaining the unit, or improper use

The term «improper use» includes damage caused by :

  • Dropping the appliance or a component
  • Negligent knocks or impacts
  • Use of water that has been enriched with a perfume, for exampl
  • Use of products, accessories and spare parts that are not part of the INNOSTEAM range


Immediate reporting of defects

If the user discovers a defect in the device, he must inform INNOSTEAM immediately in order to be able to make use of this warranty. Otherwise all warranty claims will be lost.


Customer service

If you need after-sales service, please contact the INNOSTEAM service centre.

Please provide the customer service centre with the model and reference number of your unit. Both can be found on the type plate on the underside of the housing of your product.

If an INNOSTEAM device is taken to an authorised service centre for repair outside the warranty period or after the warranty period has expired, this is considered an out-of-warranty repair and will be invoiced.