Installation of your INNOSTEAM ironing system.


  1. Open your Absolu
    ouverture de la planche
  2. Place your foot on the base of the system and fold it out to the desired height
    pied sur base du système
  3. Insert the hose guide
  4. Fill the water tank with demineralised water*
    remplir le bac à eau
    *To ensure a longer life of your appliance and to avoid possible stains on your clothes, we strongly advise you to use demineralised water.
  5. Insert the plug into the socket
  6. Take the iron out of the box
    Sortir le fer
  7. Press the on/off button (waiting time less than one minute)
  8. Your machine is ready for use.

Switching on your appliance

Insert the plug into the socket.

Press the main switch for 1 second, the white indicator light flashes while the appliance is switched on. The steam ironing system starts to heat up. It is possible that steam may escape from the iron during the heating phase.

When the white light stops flashing, the appliance is ready. This step takes less than a minute thanks to InstantSteamStamp Innosteam.


Dismantling your INNOSTEAM system

  1. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds 
  2. Empty the water tank 
  3. Put the iron in its box
  4. Hold the ironing board with one hand and pull the handle outwards with the other hand, lift the board slightly and lower it to the floor, pulling the handle out.

Tidying up the automatic power cord: Pull gently on the power cord to activate the rewind mechanism and rewind the cord.

IMPORTANT : Always unplug the appliance from the mains after use.


Filling the water tank

Pull up the tank safety mechanism, lift the water tank cover and remove it using the handle provided. Lower the tank release mechanism. Fill the tank with demineralised water to ensure a longer life for your machine and to protect your clothes from stains. 

Replace the tank and reattach the tank cap to ensure an optimal seal. To do this, simply press along the opening from the corners towards the centre.


End of water level indicator light (blue)

A blue indicator light lights up to show that there is no more water in the tank.
You can simply refill the tank without switching off the machine first.


IMPORTANT: For your comfort and safety, your INNOSTEAM system is equipped with an Autostop function and switches off automatically after 4 minutes of non-use.