Before using the appliance for the first time, we recommend that you read the operating instructions carefully.

This appliance is designed for indoor use and for ironing textiles. It is designed for domestic use.

In case of a problem, switch off the appliance at the switch and unplug the appliance immediately so that the appliance is no longer under power.

Do not leave the appliance unattended. Do not use the steam in the direction of people or animals.

The appliance generates heat. As a precaution, keep your hands and body away from the ironing soleplate and steam jets during use as they are hot.

The soleplate and steam jets are hot. Do not use the appliance on clothes worn by a person. There is a risk of burns.

This appliance is not intended for use by children or persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, or lack of experience, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety.

This appliance is not suitable for children. Keep the iron and the power cord out of the reach of children under 10 years of age when the system is operating or cooling down.

Position the power cord and hose so that they cannot be pulled or pinched. Also make sure that no one's feet can get caught in them. Make sure that the power cord does not come into contact with hot surfaces.

Do not use the appliance with a defective hose/power cord.

To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not place the iron or the plug/cord in water or under tap water or in contact with other liquids and do not touch them with wet hands. Do not try to insert any objects into the openings of the appliance. If water or a foreign object gets into the appliance, unplug it immediately. Risk of electric shock.

The unit may only be connected to a grounded wall socket. We recommend ground fault circuit interrupters. The socket must be easily accessible in case of emergency.

To avoid overloading your electrical installation, do not operate any other high-power (Watt) appliance at the same time.

IMPORTANT : Only connect the power plug to a wall socket.

Do not open or repair the appliance yourself.

Do not unplug the power cord from the wall socket, but grasp the power plug firmly and pull it out. Risk of electric shock.

The iron must be placed on a flat, stable and fireproof surface.

Do not use the appliance if it has been damaged by a fall and/or shows visible signs of damage. Only authorised INNOSTEAM customer service personnel may repair the appliance.

Clean the exterior of the unit with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use solvents, oil or petrol!

Notes on the environment and disposal: The packaging protects the unit from damage during transport. The packaging materials were selected according to ecological and disposal criteria. They are recyclable. Do not dispose of the old device in normal household waste. Please contact the responsible authorities to ensure that the appliance is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. INNOSTEAM will take back your device for optimal recycling in Switzerland.

All devices are subjected to strict quality control. Practical application tests are carried out on randomly selected devices, which explains any signs of use.