A patented technology
unique in the world

Thanks to the InstantSteam generation system your ironing system delivers constant, dry, extra fine and soft steam.

Chauffe ultra rapide

Ultra fast heating

Thanks to InstantSteam technology your ironing system is ready in less than 30 seconds. Iron your shirts in the blink of an eye.

Vapeur extra fine

Extra fine steam

InstantSteam technology delivers a constant, extra-fine steam that penetrates the fibres of your laundry to relax them. It allows you to eliminate even the smallest crease.

Pression constante

Constant pressure

Thanks to a careful management of the water flow, InstantSteam provides you with a constant pressure equivalence of 2.5 bars of optimum steam.

Pas d'entartrage

Little scaling

Our technology does not contain any stagnant water, which limits scaling.

How does it work

InstantSteam is a unique system developed by Innosteam. It works thanks to:

  • Heating element integrated in the iron
  • Coupled with a new, customised, silent pump
  • Real time regulated water flow rate
  • Instant steam directly produced in the iron

IdealTemp technology

Also discover our polymer sole technology

IdealTemp technology

Ergonomic design

Innosteam was awarded a prize at the Red Dot Awards in 2020.

Ergonomic design

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