Discover the Innosteam brand and its revolutionary world of steam.

Inno as in Innovation, Steam as in Steam.
This brand is developed by Swiss engineers.
We fundamentally believe that technological progress is only useful if it serves to simplify the life of users in their daily lives.


We have developed various appliances in the household appliances sector, making sure that every gesture in everyday life is optimised.


Our ironing systems are developed in Switzerland, by Swiss engineers, and manufactured in the European Union, under our strict control, to ensure you the best quality.


We have chosen to put our customers, consumers and authorised dealers at the heart of our strategy. It is by being in contact with you and listening to you that we strive to make progress every day.

Do not hesitate to share your experience alongside our products. Your comments will enable us to serve you better.

Pression constante

We did it

You dreamed of a revolutionary ironing system that is state-of-the-art, easy to use and with a contemporary and elegant design.

InstantSteam technology

Also discover our InstantSteam technology.

InstantSteam technology

IdealTemp technology

Also discover our polymer sole technology

IdealTemp technology

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