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1. General

It is specified beforehand that the present conditions exclusively govern the online sales of Innosteam Suisse SA registered in the RC of Granges-près-Marnand CHE-251.547.451, whose registered office is located at Chemin de Ménières 12, 1523 Granges-près-Marnand, Switzerland (Innosteam Swiss SA), on this Site. These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, in particular those in force on other sites or in our resellers' shops.

This Website is intended solely for consumers wishing to order Innosteam products («Products») online for delivery in Switzerland and continental Europe. Innosteam does not accept orders for delivery outside this geographical area. The conditions under which the Products on this website are offered for sale are set out below.

By ticking the «I have read and accept» box on the order form, and by sending the order, you agree to be bound by these conditions. Innosteam reserves the right to change these conditions at any time without notice. However, any such change will not affect orders placed prior to the posting of the modified terms and conditions on the website.

We invite you to keep these Terms and Conditions on a durable support, in particular by physically printing them.

2. Orders

2.1. In order to place an order, you must be able to be contacted by telephone and have a valid e-mail address. You must then follow the steps set out below:

  • Add one or more of the Products available on the website to your basket;
  • Create an account and/or connect to your Innosteam account with your login and password.
  • Choose a delivery method;
  • Specify your delivery address or check your contact details;
  • Specify your billing address or check your billing information;
  • Check your order;
  • Read and accept the present terms and conditions of sale;
  • Select a payment method and enter your bank details;
  • Validate the payment by clicking on the «Pay» tab.

2.2. When you place an order, Innosteam assigns you a web order number. You will then receive an order confirmation by email.

2.3. By placing an order, you offer to buy the Products you have selected from us. Innosteam endeavours to provide you with the Products mentioned in your order, however it may happen that a Product is no longer available after you have sent your order. In this case, Innosteam will attempt to contact you by e-mail, telephone or letter as soon as possible.

2.4.You are bound by the orders you send; they cannot be cancelled after they have been sent. However, you can make use of your right of retraction described in article 6 of the present terms and conditions of sale, in order to return your Products and obtain a refund.

2.5. Please note that the display of colours, designs or Products on a screen may differ from the actual appearance or size of the Products offered on the Website.

3. Prize

3.1. All prices are in Swiss francs or euros. The prices applied are those published on the website at the time you place your order. The prices published on the website include VAT and Eco-participation but do not include shipping costs.

3.2. Shipping costs are, if applicable, at your expense as indicated on your invoice.

4. Product payement

4.1. You may pay for the Products by using, at your option, one of the payment methods indicated below:

  • VisaCard
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Transfer (dispatch upon receipt of the transfer)

It is understood that these payments will be made on a secure platform.

4.2. Payments are made in the currency of your country (Swiss Francs or Euros).

4.3. If you pay by credit card, you must provide all information concerning it when you place your order. Innosteam will not provide you with the Products or offer the services until your banking institution has authorised payment by credit card for the Products. If Innosteam does not obtain such authorization, you will be informed. Innosteam reserves the right to verify the identity of the credit card holder by requesting the appropriate documents.

5. Product delivery

5.1. Orders placed on this site can only be delivered in Continental Europe and Switzerland.

5.2. Three delivery methods are offered for the dispatch of standard Products:

  • Example of an urgent delivery method
  • Example Normal mode of delivery
  • Example Pickup delivery method

5.3. Innosteam will deliver the Products indicated on the order confirmation to the delivery address you have indicated on the order form, in accordance with the delivery option you have chosen.

In the event that you order several Products to be delivered to different addresses, you will need to send a different order form for each delivery address.

In the event that the Products ordered are not in stock, this may mean the postponement of the entire order. In the event of a delay in dispatch, an e-mail will be sent to you to inform you of any possible consequence on the delivery date that has been indicated to you.

In the event of a delay in delivery, we will propose a new delivery date by e-mail. In any event, in the event that Innosteam does not respect the indicated delivery date, or in the absence of an indicated delivery date, delivers the Product within more than 30 days after receipt of the order confirmation, you have the possibility to cancel your order by contacting customer service.

Innosteam then undertakes to reimburse the totality of the sums paid at the latest within 14 days following the cancellation of the contract.

If you have received the Product after your cancellation, we will refund the Product, the delivery costs and the return costs, upon receipt of the Product by us, complete and in its original condition, at the latest within 14 days following the receipt of the Product by Innosteam.

5.4. Ownership and risk of loss relating to your Products are transferred to you at the time of their delivery.

5.5. At the time of delivery of the Products to the shipper, Innosteam will send you a shipping confirmation by e-mail, provided that you have provided an e-mail address on the order form or by letter. Innosteam cannot be held responsible for delays or non-delivery due exclusively to the unavailability of the customer after several proposals for appointments by the shipper.

Remember to indicate all the information necessary for the delivery of the Product to the delivery address entered (building number, stairs, digicodes etc.).

6. Withdrawal

6.1. Conditions of withdrawal

6.1.1. You have a right of withdrawal for a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the Product. If the period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

In the event of the purchase of several Products delivered separately, your right of withdrawal shall expire 14 days after delivery of each purchased Product.

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform Innosteam by any unequivocal means.

In particular, we invite you to use your right of retraction in:

  • contacting Innosteam customer service from 9am to 5pm.
  • or by contacting us electronically through our website (Home > Contact us); if you do so, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt.
  • or by e-mail to the following addresses
Tel. E-mail
CH 0800 90 90 91
F 0800 91 72 34
D 0800 18 00 155
B/Lux 0800 77 861

6.1.2. The Products must be returned in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.) so that they can be re-sold as new, and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice for optimum management. If a device has been ordered by mistake or if the buyer cancels the sale without Innosteam's responsibility being engaged, Innosteam reserves the right not to credit the totality of the sum invoiced, but to invoice part of the price of the device to the buyer. This reduction of the credit is intended to cover the additional burden caused to Innosteam by the processing of returns (transport, storage, handling, etc.) and depreciation in value (repairs, missing equipment, packaging, etc.). The reduction is determined as follows:

without damage to the unit / device in its original packaging 10%.

without damage to the device / with damage to the packaging 15%.

without damage to the device / unpacked 25%.

unpacked, damaged incomplete from 50% to 100%.

Innosteam reserves the right not to take back Products that are incomplete or made unsuitable for re-marketing in their current state (due to damage, soiling, alterations, etc.).

You have a period of 14 days following the exercise of your right of retraction to return the Product(s). We invite you to consult the free return procedure described in article 8 of these terms and conditions of sale.

In case of purchase of a lot, Innosteam reserves the right to request the return of all Products composing the lot. Innosteam reserves the right to issue an invoice for any Product composing the batch that is not returned.

6.2. Effects of the retraction

If you choose to withdraw, Innosteam will refund all payments made, including delivery costs (except for additional costs related to the choice of a delivery type other than standard delivery), within a maximum period of 14 days from the receipt of the Products by Innosteam.

The costs of returning the Products remain at your expense.

The refund will be made using the same method of payment made at the time of your purchase, unless you wish otherwise; in any case, no costs will result from this refund.

7. Non-conforming or defective product

If a Product has been supplied in error, is incomplete or defective, and you wish to obtain a refund, replacement or repair in accordance with Article 8 below, please contact Innosteam by telephone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or send an email via the "Contact Us" page of the Website. In the event that the Product is replaced or repaired, in accordance with Article 7.1 and 7.2 below, no transport costs are due.

7.1. Legal guarantee of conformity

You benefit from the provisions of the legal guarantee of conformity, which is warranted for a period of 24 months from receipt of the Product.

7.2. Warranted against hidden defects

You also benefit from the legal warranted hidden defects. Only Products with a proven latent defect may be returned on this ground.

If you consider that the Product suffers from a hidden defect, you must provide proof of this. Therefore, you must request an expertise of the Product from an expert commissioned to certify the hidden defect.

If the expertise confirms that there is indeed a hidden defect, the authentic document must be sent to our customer service department as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the document, a return agreement number and the procedure to follow to return your Product will be communicated to you by our customer service department. The cost of returning your Product is at our expense. The acceptance of your return will be made after our services have established the hidden defect. Once your return has been accepted by our services, your Product will be refunded to you at the purchase price. Subject to a proven latent defect, the expert's fees that you have incurred may be reimbursed by our services on presentation of the invoice corresponding to these fees.

The seller is not liable for apparent defects which the buyer has been able to convince himself of.

7.3. Product warranted by the brand Innosteam

Innosteam warranties the Products as described on the warranty card provided with the Products and/or as may be indicated on the Website. Specific warranties may apply to certain Products as specified on the website. In the event that the Product provided by Innosteam does not conform to the applicable warranty, Innosteam will repair or replace the Product or refund the purchase price, upon return of the Product, at its discretion and expense, subject to a different provision in the applicable warranty.

Except as expressly described in these terms and conditions, Innosteam hereby disclaims all warranties, whether explicit or implicit, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

7.4. Products of third parties or of a brand other than Innosteam

For non-Innosteam branded Products (including third party branded Products contained in packages or promotions), all warranty claims, if any, must be made in accordance with the manufacturer's standard warranty terms, which may be included with the Products purchased. In the case of an existing manufacturer's warranty, any claims must first be made either directly with the manufacturer or with Innosteam by telephone.

8. Terms and conditions for the return of products

To return a Product and obtain a refund, exchange or repair, in accordance with the conditions of articles 7 and 8 above, you must

  1. Contact Innosteam by telephone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, or send an email to our customer service department via the following link by going to the « Contact Us » page of the website, in order to organise the return of your Product.
  2. Innosteam will, if necessary, organise the collection of the Product by the shipper of its choice. You will be provided with transport labels. You will then have to drop off the Product at a relay point.
  3. Before dropping off a Product, please check that you have:
    • obtained and affixed the transport label,
    • includes all accessories, warranties provided and any other attached documentation, unless otherwise stated,
    • returned the Product in its original packaging,
    • carefully sealed the package and then packed in a suitable wrapping
  4. Compliance with this procedure makes it possible to guarantee that the Products arrive at the correct destination, in good condition and within a reasonable period of time.

9. Responsibility of Innosteam

9.1. These conditions set out the full extent of our obligations and liabilities in relation to the supply of the Products (and the provision of telephone support and warranted services) and the provision of any services.

9.2. With the exception of what is described in article 7 above, there are no warranties, conditions or any other terms binding Innosteam with respect to the supply of the Products except as expressly stated in the contract.

9.3. Any warranties, conditions or other terms arising out of or relating to the supply of the Products and/or the provision of services which might otherwise be implied or incorporated into the contract by statute, customary law, applicable laws in the country where you purchased the Products or services or otherwise (including, without limitation, any implied terms relating to quality, fitness for a particular purpose, due diligence and skill) are hereby expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. In particular, it shall not be Innosteam's responsibility to ensure that the Products are suitable for the use you have in mind and that Innosteam could not reasonably have foreseen.

9.4. No clause of the contract can limit or exclude our responsibility in case of

  1. death or injury caused by our negligence or
  2. fraud or
  3. any breach of obligations implied by applicable mandatory national laws relating to property or
  4. any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

9.5. Subject to the cause 9.4 above, Innosteam shall not be liable under this contract for any loss of income, loss of profit, loss of contacts, loss of data or any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the purchase of a product. In the event of a business purchase, the extent of Innosteam's liability under this contract, whether in tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall in no event exceed the amount you owe Innosteam in respect of the products and/or services in question.

9.6. This does not affect your legal rights as a consumer, nor your right to return the Products under articles 6 and 7 above.

10. Contact the Innosteam online shop

You can contact the Innosteam Online Shop:

  • by phone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday
  • using the online form in the «Contact us» section (Home > Contact us)

11. Data protection

nnosteam saves and uses your personal data exclusively for the execution of your order, the follow-up of customer relations and possible advertising mailings. Under no circumstances does it pass them on to third parties. By placing an order, you expressly agree to this form of use.

12. Disposal

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) should no longer be thrown in the dustbin. All appliances powered by mains, battery or battery pack must be depolluted and then recycled. There are two solutions available to the Client to respect this good eco-citizen practice: return the device to be disposed of to Innosteam or deposit it in a waste disposal centre.

13. Circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Innosteam

nnosteam will endeavour to meet its obligations under its contract. However, Innosteam shall not be liable for any delay or failure to meet them if such delay or failure results from circumstances beyond its reasonable control. In the event of a delay, Innosteam will respect its obligations as quickly as possible.

14. General

14.1. Neither Innosteam's failure to implement any term of the Agreement, nor yours, shall constitute a waiver of such term. Such a failure shall in no way affect the right of Innosteam to implement the said condition at a later date.

14.2. The unenforceability or the nullity of any provision of the contract will not affect the enforceability and validity of the remaining provisions.