Water plays a crucial role in the development of humanity. For ages, peoples have settled near waterholes, which have always been an important source of life and well-being. It has always been celebrated and recognised as a vital resource.

Today, water has become a very precious commodity due to rapid population growth, economic development and other challenges affecting natural resources.

The earth's surface is 71% covered with water (97% salt water and 3% fresh water), which occurs in various forms:

  • Liquid: in seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.
  • Gaseous: water vapour contained in the air.
  • Solid: ice in icebergs, pack ice, etc.

The water found on earth is rarely pure. Tap water usually consists of mineral salts and other impurities with which it has been enriched on its way from the source to the tap.

In laboratories, chemists use distilled water, which is free of minerals and also free of molecules laden with viruses and bacteria; it is 99% pure.

For household use, demineralised water is used. It is free of minerals but still contains bacteria. Therefore, it is prohibited for medical purposes, but is recommended for all other household uses, especially to prolong the life of appliances and prevent the formation of limescale.

To care for your INNOSTEAM products properly, it is essential to use demineralised water.