Energy and consumption

How does my steam ironing station perform?

When buying a new appliance to suit your needs, you should be well informed about the performance of the systems on the market.

In addition to technical efficiency, it is also important to ask yourself about the product's energy consumption and durability.

In fact, it is difficult to accurately judge whether your appliance consumes a lot of electricity, as consumption varies during the ironing session. However, a heating time of more than one minute and a feature such as the ironing pressure effect of some appliances are factors that drive up consumption and thus your energy bill.

However, the heating time is independent of your type of ironing and will be repeated every time you use the appliance. Therefore, you should pay attention to the warm-up time in the appliances you buy, as this step is very energy-intensive.

At INNOSTEAM, the appliances are equipped with a system that reduces the warm-up time to less than one minute. This preheating time is very short and almost unique on the market for steam stations. This saves you time and energy.